One And Dice

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One And Dice
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Genre: Entertainment
First Broadcast: 5 May 2023
Producer(s): Niamh Fenn

One And Dice is an actual play show created by Niamh Fenn in May 2023. Its second season, released in October 2023, was filmed in URY's Studio Red. Niamh acts as DM while Dan Abbott, Ella Wood and Marley Naylor serve as recurring cast members, playing different characters each season.

Season 1 - Fowl Play

Episode 1 - A crow amongst the pigeons

Episode 2 - Stork raven mad

Episode 3 - A wild goose chase

Season 2 - Dead Air

Episode 1 - Radio Silence

Episode 2 - Keys to Ignition

Episode 3 - Strike the Match

Episode 4 - Fanning The Flames



A 30-minute talkback reflecting on the first two seasons, shot in the YSTV studio, aired in January 2024.

Show Swap

This one-off radio edition featured a game called Timewarp, where players travel in time by playing songs. Niamh, Dan, Ella and Marley all return.