Now Get Into This

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Shot over a weekend in June 1987, and produced by John Cornley.

Three teams from Lloyds Bank, the Athletic Union, and the York Rotaract Club competed on a variety of challenges in the countryside around York.

Arguably it was more of a physical challenge for the three camera crews than the contestants!

Three camera crews included:

Driver Nigel Dallard

Camera Benet Allen

Editor Chris Huggett

Camera Malcolm Heath

Sound Adam Guest

Camera Kath Grinsted

Sara Pickering

Voiceover Steve Marinker

It was of course a Rip-off of "Now Get Out of That" and even included a night under canvas for both crews and competitors.

River crossing - before the teams arrive
Benet and Sara
The Lloyds team rigging the rope bridge
Sara resetting one of the tasks at Nun Monkton pond
Man from Lloyds attempts to cross rope bridge
Man from Lloyds just before he falls in to the river

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