Nony nony nah

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An ident created in April 1999 taking some stock footage and interspersing it with captions and buzzwords revealed by a sun flare lens effect.

Lens flare

Duration 1m 10s plus 10s timeclock.

The Mac was used to layer the buzzwords by adding multiple overlapping effects tracks, with some copyright free music sampler CD used for audio. The music suffered from having no obvious edit point, so had to be faded out before the cheesy bells and trumpets got too annoying.


  • "Cutting edge" introduced a shot of the SU president being interviewed
  • "Technically impossible" introduced a shot of some tangled wires
  • "Award winning" introduced Bona Dicta, reflecting a recent NastaUnverified or incomplete information prize
  • "In sound/In vision" introduced the Cube logo

In the archive

One digital copy exists off site, converted in 2010 from its original Media100 format.

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