John's Sick Jokes

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A series of sketches filmed in Physics gent's toilets over two evenings.

Jokes were supplied and told by John Thompson, who was filmed by Charles Blessing. Notable ingenuity was used during this filming, such as John holding his hands up and swaying, then turning the camera upside-down, to simulate being hung from the ankles, and placing a microphone in the sink to get the dripping noises associated with a dungeon.

This set of jokes were used during live broadcasts to hide technical issues, giving the "techies" precious seconds and minutes to change a fuse or re-wire a plug.

The quality of the jokes didn't really matter as few people on campus were able to hear the sound from the YSTV monitors (usually placed in a college cafeteria).

It wasn't the last time YSTV would venture into the gents' toilets - a decade later Small Screen featured a regular feature called Shit TV (make your own jokes...) where Kate Rushworth sat on the loo in Goodricke recalling the worst elements of the week's broadcasts.

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