Jim'll Sodomise You

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Jim'll Sodomise You was a one-off short spoof of Jim'll Fix It. It featured David Bartlett wearing a tracksuit and glitzy wig and covered in bling, doing a not-bad impression of Jimmy Saville. The idea was that Jim in this case would not fix it, and would thereby sodomise your ambitions (rather than literally sodomise you).

David Bunting remembers: Surprisingly several days of planning went into the programme. The programme was filmed in the summer of 1992 when you could count the members of YSTV on your fingers and we roped in friends to help with show. From what I remember Tony Robson and myself were in the control room and the hired help were on the cameras.

A sequel was actually filmed in the Autumn of 1992 using the new intake of members. Unfortunately a technical glitch (failure to plug a cable in to the sound bay) meant no sound was recorded so it was a wasted programme clearly never shown.

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