How Not To Do It

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How Not To Do It
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Genre: Entertainment
First Broadcast: 22 October 2021
Producer(s): Max Roach, Hannah Whiting, Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti

How Not To Do It is a game show created by Max Roach in 2021, making it YSTV's longest-running original series. Presented by Max Roach and Tom Morrison in Season 1, the show has since featured a rotating cast of contestants, who must complete a different task each episode.

Season 1

The season was produced by Max Roach and aired from October to December 2021. The first two episodes were broadcast live, while subsequent episodes were filmed as-live and published later.

Episode 1 – Write a hit song

Episode 2 – Give a business presentation

Episode 3 – Wrap a Christmas present

Episode 4 – Build a Lego set

Season 2

For this season, which aired in February and March 2023, Hannah Whiting took over as showrunner.

Episode 1 – Build a spaghetti tower

Episode 2 – Interview someone in Romanian

Episode 3 – Win a debate about film

Episode 4 – Teach a yoga class

Season 3

Season 3 aired in May and June 2023, and was produced by new showrunner Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti.

Episode 1 – Win a rap battle

Episode 2 – Learn to speak Romanian

Episode 3 – Pitch a story

Episode 4 – Pick someone up

Episode 5 - Handcuffed together for 24 hours

Season 4

Season 4 aired from October to December 2023, with Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti continuing as showrunner.

Episode 1 – How Not to Bartend

Episode 2 – Escape Room!

Episode 3 – Edible Self Portraits

Episode 4 – Use Your Senses

Episode 5 - Festive DIY

48 Hour Livestream

In addition to the episodes listed, the show featured as a segment in the 55th Anniversary 48 hour livestream. The segment was produced by Hannah Whiting and featured Max and Tom decorating a cake.