Exhibition Centre Upgrade

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In the summer term of 2008, the Physics/Electronics concourse was refurbished, and now looks like space.

As part of this, AV installed four big TVs for the SU; a new PA in PT003 for the concourse area; and audio distribution points throughout.

The inputs to the TVs and the outputs of the audio points are controlled by Kramer vga and xlr matrices (over the web by av) for which the inputs are in the PX/003 loft (the loft of the store cupboard accessed from the PX001 foyer.

with permission from the SU and cooperation from AV, YSTV could be output on these TVs.

I suggest that we (I'll probably do it) ask the SU to let us commondere the sofa TV for a few hours (11am-2pm) on weekday lunchtimes, and broadcast our best RECENT material in those hours. AV have said that they would probably be able to automate the switch between the two inputs.