Drive Crash 5: Don’t rain on my paRAID

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14th September

15:55 - Rhys swaps new harddrive into Web and begins building array

16:45 - Rhys declares a state of “not ideal”

16:50 - Rhys calls Ben (packing last minute to go back to York)

16:52 - Preemptive DEFCON of “Fire...?” Declared

16:54 - DEFCON level formalised as “Not ideal”

16:55 - Wiki entry started on Ben’s phone

17:10 - Temporary landing-page created by Ben (link to twitter added later)

17:30 - Rhys’ phone is dying and he needs food

18:29 - Stargate is out of disk space

19:30 - Rhys is bleeding

20:05 - Rhys is still bleeding, also single user mode gives Matt Strat unhappy memories

21:53 - Motherboard swapped and web is POST-ing

15th September

16:00 - Normality restored by Rhys

19:00 - Backup to McKellen started by Rhys