Cooking with Lard

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About the episode

Cooking with lard

The subject of this Cooking With was fuelled mainly by the low low cost of blocks of Kard brand lard at a local supermarket, however Matt Lyon's hate of this byproduct only served to anger him further.

It was recorded in Langwith D block kitchen on the ground floor.

The closing titles featured Jimmy Durante's "Make Someone Happy", which Boots the Chemist had used as their Christmas theme. They attempted to sell the single in the store that Rob worked part time in, and when it flopped the staff were all given free copies.


Lardy lard pie Lardy moments
1 medium potato 5oz SR flour
1 medium onion 0.5 eggs
A clove of garlic 3oz sugar
2/3 lb minced beef or lamb 2oz lard (or just 4oz lard)
Pinch of mixed herbs Cherries to decorate
Dumplings: Oats for rolling in (the biscuits that is!)
6oz plain flour
4oz lard
5 or 6 tbsp water to bind
Pinch of salt
Cook for 20-25 mins
Lard scones w/grated lard Deathless slime beasts
8oz SR flour 10oz SR four
1oz sugar Pinch of salt
1oz lard 50g lard
Pinch of salt 50g granulated sugar
Beaten egg 4tsp ginger
Cook for 20-25 mins 3tbsp syrup
Drop of milk
Currants to decorate

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