Cooking with Ducks

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About the episode

Cooking with ducks

For many people studing at York the numerous geese, moorhens, and ducks are ever present - so it seemed only appropriate to educate the students in how best to cook them.

Now that Langwith D block was no longer available the final outing of Cooking With made use of the two slabs of concrete in the lake to the side of P/L/005, with heat for cooking coming from a two ring gas burner.

The closing titles featured Herb Alpert's instrumental "The Spanish Flea".


Duck alla orange Duck noisettes
An orange 2 duck thighs
A chocolate orange 1 red pepper
Tin of raspberries Easy cook rice
Slice cucumber Juice of 1/2 orange
Degree in chocolate carving Boiled potatoes
(Serves 1) Seasoning
Chunky cucumber
(Serves 1)
Duck in blackberry sauce
1 duck breast
3tbsp creme de cassis
3tbsp red wine
Heaped tsp arrowroot
Small can blackberries
1/2 an orange for juice
New potatoes
Creme fraiche
(Serves 2)

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