Cooking with Company

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About the episode

Cooking with company

As its name suggests, this was an exception to the usual rule of Cooking With in that there were 3 presenters. Helped by Katherine James the two usual presenters could concentrate on the real meaning of the title - making fun of certain company's low nutrition products.

It was recorded in Langwith D block kitchen on the ground floor.

The closing titles featured the Muppets' seemingly never ending song "Manamana".


Cauli cheese bakes Cheeseburgers
Sauce: 8oz mince
0.25 pt milk Small onion
1 tbsp flour Clove of garlic
2oz strong cheese Pinch of herbs
Filling: 1oz strong cheese
4 florets Small egg to bind
Topping: Fry for 4 mins a side. Or buy a tasteless McDreadful for 69p!
1 round stale bread
Cook 'till brown
Makes 2 bakes
Apple amber 50% flour scones
Pastry: 4oz flour
6oz flour 1oz marg
3oz block marg 1oz sugar
2 or 3 tbsp water Pinch of salt
Filling: Half an egg, beaten
2 large bramley 1oz dried fruit
3 tbsp sugar Cook for 20 mins. Or buy No Frills' scones made with 100% flour and brown paint
Topping: Makes half a dozen.
2 egg whites
Enough sugar
Cook for 25 mins. Or spend 40p for a bar of slime!