Cooking with Beer

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About the episode

Cooking with beer

As the first Cooking With programme the aim was to grab the attention of the audience with the one thing students know most about: beer, so recipes all included beer in some shape or form.

It was recorded in Langwith D block kitchen on the ground floor, though for some reason no curtains were used to cover the windows leading to a slightly dark appearance due to the daytime recording.

The closing titles featured "Walk Like An Egyptian" by The Bangles, lyrically unrelated to beer.


Beer Hot Pot Drunk Mexican chicken
1.50 handfulls of stewing steak 2 chicken breast portions
Half a large onion Clove of garlic
3 potatoes, peeled Small onion
2 carrots, hairy 2 tsp honey
1 can of beer Pinch of salt
Celery sticks, if you like it 1 tsp chilli powder
A tin of beans Squeeze of tomato puree
Cook for 3hrs, serves 4 A few drops of vinegar
Tin of tomatoes, drained
Cook for 20 mins, serves 2
Beery fruity puddingy Sticky beer pudding
5oz flour, plain Sponge:
0.1825 pints of milk 4oz SR flour
0.1825 pints of beer 4oz sugar and marg
An egg 2 eggs
1.00 tsp of oil As much beer as it needs
1oz sugar Syrup:
Pinch of salt 5 handfulls of sugar
4 or 5oz of dried fruit A can of beer
Cook for 45 mins, serves 3 Cook for 25 mins, serves 6