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The bubbles ident was filmed by pointing a camera down one of YSTV's bubble tubes and superimposing a rotating YSTV logo over the top.

It was first used as a holding graphic at Woodstock 2002 and became an ident when the Video Server was launched just over a year later - initially just a short recording from the Woodstock tapes, before being edited slightly more slickly with music and fades in early 2005.

Due to the length of sequence required for Woodstock and the available computing power the sequence was created in real time. This was achieved using two cameras, a Mac, genlocking and keying. A single rotation of the logo in black and white was rendered on the Mac and then continuously looped as a keying signal. The two cameras were genlocked to this and then one was keyed by the Mac output before being mixed with the second camera.

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