2005 Constitution

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After an almost complete break of membership at the start of 2003-04, the constitution was the last thing on most people's minds. It got catapulted back there by the rapid change of station directors following the 2004 AGM, which also made the whole subject too much of a hot potato to do anything to. A year later, as the 2005 AGM approached, there was a mood to try and tidy up the posts in the constitution and policy rather more thoroughly than had been done in 2001, partly with the aim of spreading the technical load of looking after the station a little wider than it had been. As a result Richard Ash and Rowan de Pomerai took the complete list of posts, rationalised the names and descriptions a little, and re-distributed them between the constitution and the policy. One of the key changes was to re-name the various "assistant" posts to become Deputies, and move them all to the Policy, whilst retaining the core posts in the constitution. A number of rather technical and out of date sections on insurance were removed.