Freshers' Week 2018

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Freshers' Week 2018
Watch Online
Genre: Freshers
First Broadcast: 21/09/2018
No. of Episodes: 10
Producer(s): Edwin Barnes Thomas Schubert Olivia Gibbs

(Editor's Note: This article covers all content produced leading up and during Freshers' Week 2018)

Leading up to Freshers' Week 2018, Station Director Edwin Barnes had created a Freshers' committee in order to properly prepare for the week. Besides planning out the week's content, the committee also created new merchandise, scheduled the welcome meetings and re-did the branding (which was designed by Edwin Barnes). After YSTV had published the Guide to Colleges 2018, they decided to produce more content aimed at helping freshers figure out university. The first was an explanation of STYCs by Olivia Gibbs, and the second a guide to all the college events during Freshers' Week.

Throughout the week, YSTV produced daily videos which were edited in turns between Edwin Barnes and Thomas Schubert. The stand-out production was the livestream at Freshers' Fair. Broadcast live from the balcony at Greg's Place, it was also shown on the big screen and featured many societies being interviewed.

List of Installments