Adam Birtles

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Adam Birtles
Years Active 2017 – Present
Positions Held
  • 2018: Public Speaking Award
  • 2019: Most Open Source Member
Current LocationYork
DegreesComputer Science

Adam exists.

In his second year at YSTV, Adam existed even harder and got recognized for it by winning Highly Commended for Best Behind-The-Scenes Contribution at the YUMAs 2019.

Adam also served as Computing Director for two years, becoming heavily involved in the station's technical operations while pushing to spread Linux to all YSTV computers. He also helped out in other positions on several productions such as camera operator, sound operator, and editor.


This section is incomplete. Right now it only includes the 2017/18 academic year.

Productions that Adam was involved in
Production Live? Date Position(s)
Coffee House Sessions No 11 October 2017 General Crew
Tea Time Chat Yes 16 October 2017 Vision Mixer
Coffee House Sessions No 18 October 2017 Trainee Editor, General Crew
Coffee House Sessions No 25 October 2017 Camera Op
Coffee House Sessions No 8 November 2017 Editor, General Crew
The Big Student Debate Yes 13 November 2017 Technical Assistant
Coffee House Sessions No 15 November 2017 Camera Op
UniBrass Live Draw Yes 20 November 2017 Graphics Op
Courtyard's 9th Birthday No 13 January 2018 Camera Op
The Big Debate: Elections Special Yes 16 February 2018 Livestream Technician
UniBrass 2018 Yes 17 February 2018 Livestream Technician, Vision Mixer, Sound Op, Graphics Op
PTOs Debate 2018 Yes 20 February 2018 Technical Assistant
Elections Results Night 2018 Yes 24 February 2018 Graphics Op
Love York Awards 2018 Yes 7 June 2018 Technical Assistant
Summer Ball 2018 No 12 June 2018 General Crew