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Pick Me Up Theatre
Genre: Commercial Production
Producer(s): Stephanie Shires Thomas Schubert cat = Productions

Throughout 2018, YSTV worked on three commercial productions for Pick Me Up Theatre, a York-based theatre company. Each production consisted of filming and editing one of their plays. With Stephanie Shires and Thomas Schubert acting as the executive producers, these jobs became one the biggest commercial productions of the year.


  • The Wizard of Oz
    • Out of coincidence, Stephanie Shires and Thomas Schubert met a member of Pick Me Up during a shoot for their course. And just like that, they had secured a well-paying commercial production, with only two days to pull everything together. Thanks to a big group effort, YSTV was able to film two performances with a multi-camera setup at the Grand Opera House. Thomas and Steph split the editing, with each taking on one show. Unfortunately for them, editing ended up taking way longer than anticipated (roughly a month in fact).
  • Dad's Army
    • The second production was a re-enactment of four episodes of Dad's Army. Due to its nature, it was divided into several segments - which allowed a whole team of editors to work on it simultaneously.
  • Cats
    • The third and as-of-yet final production featured the hit musical cats, and was all edited by Malikah Blake in just a few hours.

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