Cal Cooke

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Cal at Malham Cove

He's the freaking Terminator!

Cal joined YSTV as a fresher in 2017. He usually takes on the role as producer, floor manager or technical assistant, and was voted in as new Station Manager in 2019 - mostly due to him promising to hunt down everyone who does not tidy up the studio. He is both very active as a academic representative and in his college, which leads to him regularily missing the weekly meetings. However, he is the only one of his year to reliably send apologies.

His biggest claim to fame is his appearance on YSTV does Hunted, where he mercilessly chased down Joseph Wharfe and Thomas Schubert. He also was the Operations Lead for Roses 2019.

Apparently, he looks a bit like a frog. Which he has in common with Jacob Boyle.