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[{{{url}}} Watch Online]
Genre: {{{genre}}}
Broadcast: {{{broadcast}}}
First Broadcast: {{{start date}}}
Last Broadcast: {{{end date}}}
No. of Episodes: {{{episodes}}}
Producer(s): {{{producers}}}
Exec Producer(s): {{{executive producers}}}

Template Documentation

To include this template on a production page:

{{Production Info
| name = Show Name
| url = Watch Online link
| logofile = Image File Name (optional)
| logoalt = Image Description
| genre = Genre
| broadcast = Date of Broadcast (optional; for one-offs)
| start date = First Broadcast (optional)
| end date = Last Broadcast (optional)
| episodes = Number of Episodes (optional)
| producers = List of Producers
| executive producers = List of Executive Producers (optional)