Elections 2006

Elections 2006 was produced by Sarah Leese, Kev Larkin and Vanky. It was broadcast on 10th March 2006.

Elections 2006
Genre: Events Coverage
Broadcast: 10 March 2006
Producer(s): Sarah Leese
Kev Larkin
Adam Van Coevorden

The programme broadly followed the same format as previous years, with a links set and graphics presenter based in Goodricke HQ and a panel/interview set, balcony camera and of course live results based in Derwent.

Notable moments including the panel set being invaded by a very drunk Colin Hindson (not learning anything from his 2004 appearance) and future Academic and Welfare officer Grace-Fletcher Hall very publicly denouncing the results of the elections from the balcony. She admitted in the following year's programme that she had been very drunk at the time!

The title sequence depicted votes being put into a ballot box, with highlights of the previous two years scrolling on top of this. The Elections 2005 theme tune was used, in a slightly remixed form.

2006 was also the first year voting was taken online. It was thought that because of this no campus breakdown would be available and as such the "campus map" was retired - only for he details to be available after all too late in the production to bring it back. The exit poll also became far less work - in that YUSU provided YSTV and URY with a small sample of votes that will now almost certainly mirror the eventual result.

Photos can be seen on [YSTV's website].

The elections themselves were notable for occurring soon after YUSU controversially forced through a new constitution, insisting that abstentions were actually votes in favour of this move. As a result, much of the talk with candidates and incumbants in this progrmme centered around this matter, and whether YUSU had done the right thing or not.

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