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==Editing a Page==
At the top of the page you may have noticed the "edit" [[Help:Navigation#Page_Tabs|page tab]] - clicking this will open a page with a large text box, where you can make the changes you require. Sometimes this will say "view page source" instead - this means that only the administrators can edit the text of this page.
'''If you are unsure of a fact''', use the 'unsure' template to mark it clearly {{unsure|like so}} :
<nowiki>{{</nowiki>unsure|''whatever it is you're unsure about''<nowiki>}}</nowiki>
displays as {{unsure|''whatever it is you're unsure about''}}
'''Links to pages''' are in double-square-braces:
<nowiki>[[name of page to link to]]</nowiki>eg [[Treasurer]] You can do a lot more than just this - see the [[Help:Formatting|formatting help page]] for more details. Or, click "edit", and take a look at the code that already exists - there's a "cancel" link underneath the text box to avoid making changes to a page. ==Creating a Page== The easiest way is to edit a page and create a link to the page you wish to create, e.g.: <nowiki>[[My New Page]]</nowiki>Save the page and click the link - you will be prompted to start editing the page, as there is no content there yet. ==Discussion Pages== Another page tab is entitled "discussion". These are here to discuss each individual page - we use them to discuss the page itself, rather that it's content. These pages are edited in the same way as normal pages; please put new text under old text, and ''sign your posts'' using four tildes ([[User:Rick|Rick]] 16:42, 23 February 2007 (UTC)) (the Wiki will automatically convert this into your name and timestamp for you).
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