Baby Birds of Campus

Baby Birds of Campus
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Genre: Factual, Facebook Video
First Broadcast: 19/05/2017
Producer(s): Edwin Barnes cat = Productions

Baby Birds of Campus was YSTV's most ever successful (at the time of this article) video on Facebook. It was created by Edwin Barnes and Kenric Yuen to show off the capabilities of the newly bought Canon C100 which he had campaigned hard for the society to purchase.

The crew went out with the C100, a tripod and a Canon kit lens borrowed from Kenric Yuen to play with the camera's auto focus. They quickly realised the footage looked fantastic. Edited to music, the many shots of various baby birds on the campus lake looking adorable came together into an instantly shareable video.

As the video wasn't intended as an actual production it was edited into a short video for Facebook and released on the Facebook page within a few days of filming. The video was instantly very successful with multiple 'shares' from students, YUSU and the University of York's official page. All of this engagement on social media as well as comments from students tagging their friends meant that the video reached around 50,000 and received over 16,000 views.


The success of this video encouraged further production of short and shareable video to be published on Facebook. Especially as videos on the Facebook reach normally minimum 300 views, average around 1000 and sometimes reach 10,000s whereas the website views hover around 2-3 digits. Traditional length shows and productions are still posted on the website and aim to have shorter trailers or teasers which can be posted on Facebook to get traffic.