Cooking with Fire

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Cooking with fire

Taking advantage of the good summer weather, Cooking With headed outside for a barbecue. The food was all the things that normally get cremated on the outside while still being raw in the middle - indeed the cook from frozen method was applied here too.

It was recorded at the back of Langwith D block behind the Langwith provost's private garages. The provost even ventured out while the equipment was being set up to ask what was happening, perhaps drawn by the mains cables running across the grass back into the college, or perhaps because nobody had asked his permission.

The closing titles featured "Firestarter" by The Prodigy following a horrific Take That "Relight my fire" CD scratching accident.


Pasta Salad Beef kebabs
Beef tomatoes 1/2 lb beef cubes
Grated carrot 1 pepper
Small onion 1 lemon
Sweetcorn 6 kebab sticks
Pasta (Serves 2)
Diced apple
(Serves 4)
Stuffed Sausages Red Mullet
6 Sausages Piece red mullet fish
Sage & onion stuffing Handful green cardimon pods
1/3 cup of hot water Rosemary
(Serves 2) Olive oil
Lemon juice
(Serves 1)
Honey Chicken Pork Chops
1/2 lb diced chicken Finely chopped onion
1/2 lemon for juice Garlic and oil
2tbsp honey Mustard
2tsp rosemary 2 pork chops
2tsp oregano (Serves 2)
Shake of vinegar
(Serves 2)
Bread twists Water Melon
1/2 bowl full of flour A water melon (surprisingly)
Pinch of salt 10fl oz double cream
Water to bind 6 plums
1/2 pot fo jam An orange
(Serves 4) Cocktail sticks to make sails
(Serves 6)
Burnt bananas
2 bananas
Block of chocolate
Squirty cream
(Serves 2)

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