Canon C100

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The Canon C100 is a camera that was bought with much of the remaining grant money in the 2016-17 in YSTV. It has been said that Edwin Barnes has an unhealthy relationship with this camera, one of absolute adoration. These stories are very much true he would protect it with his life. The camera was named Wheatley, referring to its uncanny resemblance to the AI from video game franchise Portal.

The purchase of the C100 proved to a hugely impactful decision, especially in terms of exponentially increase the station's visual quality. In the following years, YSTV gained access to even more C100's: first the personal camera of Andrew Waddle, and later the new camera of Thomas Schubert. So during spring and summer term of 2020, YSTV had access to up to three C100s at once, which allowed for several productions to be shot simultaneously without sacrificing visual quality.

The original C100 was later renamed to the Edwin Barnes Memorial C100, in honour of the former Station Director.