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Andrew Waddle
Andrew Wiki profile.jpeg
Years Active 2018 – Present
Positions Held
Current LocationProbably making something in After Effects
DegreesBEng Electronic Engineering

Andrew Waddle joined YSTV as one of 2018's enthusiastic Freshers. Known as a self-appointed Head of Camera as well as having a large degree of expertise on After Effects. Finding ways to build graphics into most productions, Waddle also can be accredited for hiding many a blunder in films.

In 2019, Andrew succeeded Tom Lee as Technical Director.

Because of his technical expertise and enthusiasm to improve YSTV, Andrew quickly became one of the station's most involved members, usually working as VFX artist, Sound OP or camera operator (especially for wireless cameras during YSTV Sport and YUSU Elections). Besides that, Andrew also donated his own equipment to YSTV, including a gimbal and a second C100. This generosity enabled members to work on two productions simultaneously, which proved incredibly helpful at several points throughout the year.

Andrew also tirelessly helped out Tom Lee fix the studio and its equipment. In YSTV does Hunted, Andrew made an on-screen appearance leading his team of fugitives to victory (by sitting around in a field for most of it).

His most recognizable trademark is his laugh, which often rivals even Matthew Zeffertt's, and his very kind and optimistic-yet-pessimistic personality.

He joined Roses 2019 as Head of Visuals working to help Tom Lee and the rest of the technical team to setup and run the weekends live streams and provide technical assistance when everything broke. He also attended NaSTA 2019 being present for the best broadcaster win. At the YUMAs 2019, Andrew was named the Best Newcomer to student media in York - which he very much deserved and most well endowed at the 2019 floppies - which, well who knows. Also attending the summer ball 2019 which was a bit of a washout with all the rain.

Beginning his second year with YSTV as the technical lead for the NASTA PCA's stream alongside new technical people Ben and Rhys both of whom were joingin YSTV at the time. Continuing on to run more livestream and studio content as technical lead throughout the autumn term, he went on to co-create YSTV's most ambitious project (Please Sir There's been a Murder) the world's first live interactive dramatic performance, as the technical lead. Living mainly on monster energy drinks and Double-Deckers (a choice that would be repeated when it came time to do TFTV second year films during February of 2020).

Early 2020 would also bring about the next massively ambitious project for YSTV, as the recording of YSTV does Hunted - Episode 2 (shot during November 2019) was still in post production. Post work began in late November 2011, where Andrew would mention an idea for 3D effects to Tom while the latter was beginning work on the edit. This seemingly simple idea spiralled into a 3 month long process for the pair of them, working nearly 250 hours each (with the addition of Ben Allen) and driving them all very close to mad.


Year 1

# Show Position Notes
1 Tea Time Chat Camera Operator and sound 2 episodes during 2018 autumn series
2 YSTV Sport Camera Operator, sound and live stream Technical assistant Most streams during 2018/19 series
3 Boxing/MMA Fight Night 2018 Sound Operator and Live stream tech
4 YSTV Does Hunted Episode 1: Participant (Fugitive)
5 Robbing Chloe Sound assistant and VFX Covered up the infamous 'boom in shot'
6 Elections 2019: 60 sms Joint producer
7 Elections 2019: Hustings Gimbal Operator and Livestream Technician
8 Elections 2019: ERN Wireless Camera Operator Livestream Technician Pulled my shoulder in the process, like a cretin
9 URYSTV Sessions Camera Operator
10 Right on cue Actor / assistant writer Sadly not finished and thus unreleased due to time constraints and the out of date content within the program.
11 Roses 2019 Technical assistant
12 YSTV reacts to Game of Thrones finale Willing participant
13 Dogs of York Camera operator
14 Big D 2019 Camera operator
15 Love York Awards 2019 Technical lead
16 York Pride 2019 Camera operator


# Show Position Notes
Autumn Term
1 YSTV Give It a Go 2019 Technical lead
2 PCAs 2019 Technical lead of joint YSTV / Forge TV show
3 Bob Ross Livestream Gaffer / rigging and Live stream lead
4 Boozy Broadcasts: Drunk Werewolves Gaffer / rigging and Live stream lead
5 YSTV Sport: Volleyball Autumn 2019 Live stream lead
6 Boxing Fight Night Live 2019 Live stream lead
7 YSTV does Hunted - Episode 2 Participant (Hunter control), Title Sequence Graphics and 3D vfx
8 The FetSocDoc VFX editor And camera operator during the 2019 filming sessions.
9 Please Sir, There's Been a Murder Technical lead, Rigging lead and gaffer
Spring Term
10 Boozy Broadcasts: Drunk Drivers Technical and rigging lead
11 Debate Night 2020 Technical lead
12 YUSU Election Results Night 2020 Technical lead