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The Pill

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{{Production Info |name=The Pill |logofile=Pill-logo.jpg |genre=Factual |broadcast=2000 |producers=[[Genevieve Horwood]] }}The Pill was a factual programme made by an all-female production team, reporting assembled by [[Peter Bowles]] from the many freshers who had joined the station in autumn 1999. [[Genevieve Horwood]] was one of the producer/presenters. The idea was to report on issues relavent relevent to the female of the speciesand the first edition included a York police officer being interviewed in the studio. {{unsure| Only However, as it was recorded in sections and edited together, it took a long time to produce and only one episode programme was ever made}}.
A similar (although much more light-hearted) idea would later be made in the form of [[Welcome to Venus]].
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