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The shortest distribution feed from the Broadcast Hub takes the Current Broadcast Network to Vanbrugh College. Originally rebuilt by Owain Davies as a pilot, it was subsequently rebuilt to match the other parts of the system.

From the hub the cable runs out to the main Langwith - Vanbrugh covered walkway, and runs along that walkway towards to Vanbrugh college. It carries on in a straight line through the college itself to reach the TV above the vending machines next to the porter's lodge.

At this point the cable terminates into the netbox, which provides four video outputs on BNC connectors and two audio outputs on phono connectors. These feed the local TV, a UHF modulator feeding signals up a coax cable to their hut, and a set of cables which go back up into the ceiling.

These last set of cables are the only section of the current broadcast network to survive from the 1996 Vanbrugh Upgrade, and eventually come out as a pair of Scart cables, one for the bar TV and one behind the JCR TV so it can also watch YSTV. This means there is a joint up there in the ceiling somewhere, although no-one can now remember where. There is also an assertion (although no-one has tested it) that the audio cables have something active in-line, so that they will only feed audio in one direction. The video cables definitely work in both directions.

Finally, there are a set of unbalanced video and balanced audio cables from the netbox behind the vending machines to the vent room where the old AV rack was located, which enable video to be sent back from the netbox to the station via the Contribution Network.