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Alex Williams
Alex Williams 84TL.jpg
Alex at 84 Thief Lane, July 2012.
Years Active 2011 – 2014
The Stolen Member Award (2012)
The "He doesn't even go here" Award (2013)
Fairy Godfather (2014)
HometownMilton Keynes
Current LocationYork
Degrees[[:Category:People who studied MSc Computer Science (2007-2011)
PGCE in Mathematics (partial, 2011-2012)|MSc Computer Science (2007-2011)
PGCE in Mathematics (partial, 2011-2012)]]

[[Category:People who studied MSc Computer Science (2007-2011)
PGCE in Mathematics (partial, 2011-2012)|Williams,Alex]]


Alex is not a paid member of YSTV, and never has been, owing to becoming active in the society after having left university; he is, however, an unofficial member of the Computing Team due to his background in server administration. The party line is that he was poached from URY at Woodstock 2011 when he wandered in and started to help us de-rig, but had been liaising between URY and YSTV for the year leading up to that, facilitating sharing of equipment and resources.

Spent a lot of time after his degree finished contributing to YSTV's software, hardware and infrastructure. This includes developing the current webcam logging/distribution software (Autumn 2012), consolidating switches and refreshing the network patch bays (Easter 2013) and coordinating the move to the * domain for all our machines (ongoing). He also designed and developed the Roses 2013 website,

Between September 2012 and March 2013, Alex was technical staff at TFTV, assisting with IT infrastructure and software support, as well as light TV studio assistance. As a side effect, YSTV has been indefinitely loaned a backup tape library from TFTV, which is shared between YSTV and URY (who provided the LTO3 tapes.)

He primarily exists at the society to be friendly, and provides technical support (specifically with audio) as a secondary motive. On 24th June 2013, he was voted to be a life-long honorary member of the society for his contributions.


  • Alex owns the portable air conditioning unit, bought after one particularly hot summer.


  • Server administration (Win2k8, Debian, Gentoo, Fedora)
  • Email configuration (Exim, Dovecot, etc)
  • Repairing TV cameras (the infamous Sony ones)
  • C programming (in particular the Webcam software)
  • Circuit design (normally reverse engineering things that Chis made, didn't document, and have now broken...)
  • Emotional and moral support for the well-being of the members.

Alex, for some unfathomable reason, tends to eagerly pick up the projects that sane people wouldn't touch with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole.



  • YUSU Elections - IT Technician, 2nd AD, Runner, Bringer of morale-boosting baked goods.


  • Bargain Mad - Camera Operator
  • 4Four - Generic Crew, IT Technician
  • Woodstock - Sound Engineer, Rigger, Grip, Moral Support.
  • Soldering with Liz - Grip, Digital Supervisor (Uncredited)
  • Societies Coverage - Technical Support, Bodyguard, Moral Support (Uncredited)
  • Challenge Us to Talk - Audience (Uncredited)
  • Live on the Lawn - Technical Support (Uncredited)
  • Roses 2013 - Website Developer, Rigger, Grip, Sound Engineer, URY Liaison (Uncredited)
  • Elections 60-sec Manifestos - Editor
  • The Ultimate Challenge - Sound Technician


  • Christmas Imbroglio - Gaffer, Wardrobe
  • Children in Need - Graphics Designer
  • FreshersTV 2012 - Digital Media Support, Infrastructure Engineer
  • Freshers' Sofa - Camera Op, Boom Holder
  • Guide to York - Grip, Moral Support
  • Hitchikers Live! YSTV Report - Camera Op
  • The Ultimate Challenge - Graphics Op
  • Woodstock 2012 - Grip, Rigger, Solderer, Vision Mixer, Driver, Sound Engineer, Moral Support
  • Roses 2012 - Camera Op, Underwater Camera Op, Grip, Jib Op
  • The Ultimate Challenge - Prop Electrician, PA


  • Golden Bodge - Camera Op (Uncredited)
  • Woodstock 2011 - Grip, Derigger, Sound Op (Uncredited)