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YSTV Sport was a regular round-up of the latest sporting action, both on and off campus, transmitted in the academic year 2005-6. The show was presented from the YSTV Week/Bona Dicta standard set.


In 2018, YSTV Sport was revived by Edwin Barnes as his pet project as new Station Director. It included several and regular livestreams of sport events across York's campus. These included badminton, water polo, a trip to the varsity and two fight nights (plus other events). The goal was to train YSTV members for the upcoming Roses 2019. With each stream, new elements like GoPros, studio shows, live highlights and live replay were added, and the overall quality improved and adapted to the varying setting and crew situation. The Sports streams (specifically the 2018 MMA / Boxing fight night) proved very useful for the new intake of freshers to cut their teeth on studio roles in the YSTV setting. Zoë Dickinson got her first chance to produce the show during that event, shadowing Edwin Barnes and has gone on from there to manage many other productions.

Graphics and special branding were created by Edwin Barnes, later adapted by Ben Allen for the 2019 / 20 streams with the addition of a graphical client, allowing for on the fly handling of graphics.


Following the successes of the 2018/19 run of YSTV sport and the Roses 2019 shows, the regular show was set to come back for the academic year 2019. It didn't go to plan, only coming back for 2 streams during the autumn term (not including the MMA / Boxing fight-night in November 2019). Additionally, there were 2 further videos made in a short form for the sake of inability of a live stream. These were for the volleyball and American football teams, in the late Autumn term and the late spring term.

The Covid - 19 outbreak in early 2020 put a dampener on both Roses 2020 and further YSTV sport streams that year. There are plans further down the line, into late 2020 and 2021, to continue the program and, with and luck, Roses 2021.

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