YSTV Rants

YSTV Rants
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Genre: Satirical Reviews
First Broadcast: 31/01/2018
Producer(s): Thomas Schubert cat = Productions

YSTV Rants is a film review show created by Thomas Schubert and Lydia Juhrich. During its run, it published weekly episodes.

The concept of the programme was to create a more explicit and entirely satirical version of the popular Honest Trailer series. Each week, the show would review a classic cinema film, chosen at random by whatever film Thomas happened to watch that week. Despite loving all the films that featured on YSTV Rants, the goal of the videos was to simply rant about the film as much as possible (turns out, you can nitpick anything). Another goal of the videos was to include as many f-words in the scripts as possible.

The voice-over was recorded by Thomas' friend Lydia Juhrich, who had also previously appeared on Christmas Massacre. The fact that they had a German accent helped the angry tone of the programme.

List of Episodes

  • 1 - Rear Window
  • 2 - M
  • 3 - Heat
  • 4 - Full Metal Jacket
  • 5 - The Wizard of Oz
  • 6 - The Prestige

The episode on The Prestige was never actually released, mostly because Thomas just forgot it.