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the techies packed up and went home for the night.
the techies packed up and went home for the night.
-Ben A

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T'was the night after hustings, and all through the station, not a server was breaking, (comp team cried with elation).

Welsh Rhys was putting our OB2 back, when from the corner a cry came; he shouted, "Alack!

The ATEM is make a curious racket. Could it be that a fan's fallen out of it's bracket?

Or a wire has been trapped, or some dust has got caught in the fans, as it's making a noise that you ought,

to hear from a person who's grinding a plate on the back of a shovel - it's a scraping you'd hate"

Andrew shot out his chair and agog he did gabble, "how the fuck has our ATEM developed a rattle??!"

Ben sprang out his chair, his eyes filled with glee at the prospect of technical surgery

As he bounded to fetch a screwdriver kit Andrew was yelling "which cretin has lunched it?

It was fine when we left, so where's the mistake? Did one of you muppets push it into the lake?!"

Returning with tools, they sat down at the desk The OB2's future on their shoulders did rest

They lifted the lid and poked all about The eyes getting wider, brows furrowed with doubt

The was nothing on fire so with fear abound, they again added power to track down the sound

But after LEDs flashing and the fans starting 'vroom', a deafening silence enveloped the room.

"Hark" declared Andrew, "the noise - it's stopped, so maybe our ATEM then hasn't been dropped..?

I suggest we take courage, and end this little skit before one of us touches and actually breaks it.

A noise doesn't matter I'm sure it is fine we can deal with that issue on some other time.

So with spirits restored and smiles once again bright, the techies packed up and went home for the night.

-Ben A