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The Review has had three different incarnations on YSTV. Whilst they were essentially continuations of the same idea they were all very different from each other and produced by different teams.

2000 Version

The first incarnation of the show was presented by Chris Stones and had a set including the obligatory black drapes but also the show's name cut out of perspex, a very post-modern coffee table and some inflatable beanbags. The show also had a nifty title sequence showing arty places around York. Chris had previously presented a sardonic arts round-up in Bulletin and this was essentially an expanded version of this. It reviewed films, plays, musical peformances and anything that took their fancy.

Screen grabs of the original Review can be seen [on YSTV's website].

2003 Version

In Autumn 2003 new member Kate Friend expressed a desire to revive the show, which would this time primarily be a film review programme but did include roundups from the drama barn too. The original title sequence was going to be used until Nik Morris came up with a new, cartoony sequence. It was presented by Natalie SomeoneUnverified or incomplete information and edited by fresher Rowan de Pomerai. This team produced a number of editions over the Autumn and Spring terms of 2003/4. One edition also marked the first appearances of Vanky and Anthony Laverty on YSTV as pundits. This incarnation ground to a halt when Kate and Natalie had too much work to carry it on.

2004 Version

Rowan was keen to get the show running again and in the Autumn of 2004 new members Kat Sutton and David Firth became the new hosts and producers. The programme was now exclusively about films, and a variety of movie posters were used for the set. The show would also feature the top ten movies, and in February 2005 had an Oscars special complete with costumes! Another new title sequence was made by Steve Walker featuring the programme's "R" logo being fashioned in a lava pool. In a nod to the past the previous title sequence played on the walls of the room. This version of the programme ended when Kat graduated.

2006 Version?

NB: This is based on something that Kev told me so please delete if untrue!

Early in 2006 Sarah Leese had a desire to revive the programme once again - however due to her producing of Elections 2006 this was not possible.

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