The Lake

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The Lake
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Genre: Drama
Producer(s): Caroline Middleton, Jemma Carr cat = Productions

The Lake is a 2016 short drama-mystery film produced and written by Caroline Middleton. The film follows Callum, Lucas, Verity and Eve, four University of York students sharing a house as mysterious circumstances begin to happen to them after a chance encounter at the campus lake.

Plot Synopsis

Four University of York housemates leave Courtyard and walk past the campus lake, where Eve as ks Callum to pet a goose. Later that night, Eve dies under mysterious circumstances, prompting a police investigation. Sam instantly suspects his housemate Verity; who he believed was jealous that he loved Eve, whom he considered "perfect". Lucas reveals he had no idea that Callum liked Eve, and tells him that Verity of course had nothing to do with her death. Lucas goes to her room to ask her if she'd like anything from Nisa, he then leaves.

As Callum is being interviewed by the Detective, he tries to convince him that Verity is the killer, which he does not believe. When Callum gets home drunk, he goes through Verity's room and starts reading her diary, when she finds him she becomes enraged and storms off. The Detective finds them arguing, and informs them Lucas is dead.

Callum's suspicions increase, and he goes missing. We then find out that Verity and Eve were having a secret affair, and when a priest told her their relationship was a sin she killed her and began killing her housemates. The film ends on an ambiguous note.


Nell Walker as Eve

Bethany Evans as Verity

John Chisham as Callum

Anatoly Lee as Lucas

Alex Lee as The Detective


The film features Wild World by Cat Stevens. Several cast members also appear in The System.