Summer Ball

The Summer Ball is a annual event put on by YUSU, usually taking place around week 9 of summer term. At least since 2017Unverified or incomplete information the ball used the venue of York's Race Course. As this one of the biggest campus events of the year, YSTV have traditionally been granted media passes in order to cover the event in one or more videos.


Produced by Edwin Barnes, this Summer Ball brought two new elements into play: a announcement video and drone shots. Since YSTV was allowed in the venue earlier than regular visitors, he edited a short video with presenters Charlotte Rogers and Joel Mitchell expecting other guests at the race course. This video was released before the event's official beginning. The drone was provided by Richard Jones, who shot a lot of aerial coverage of the events. In the following week, Edwin Barnes also edited a shorter video of the presenters (plus Andy Tallon) on the ferris wheel and a longer main video, which also included segments with similarity to Behind the Streams. Other fun tidbits: Stephanie Shires nearly killed herself and Thomas Schubert when she caused a crash with a bumper car due to a lack of driving skills.


Produced by Olivia Gibbs, this year featured a wide array of videos ranging from interviews to traditional event coverage and presenter challenges. In advance, every video had an assigned producer. However, due to the horrible wheather on the day, some video ideas had to be abandoned. YSTV's coverage was presented by Charlotte Rogers and Jacob Boyle. The drone was operated by Matthew Zeffertt.

Other fun tidbits: Because of the constant rain, many YSTV members ended up being soaking wet very early in the evening. Many nearly died of hypothermia (or at least felt like it). Other deadly dangers included the freaking mechanical bull and the bumper cars, which just slid around uncontrollably in a big puddle.
# Video Producer\Editor Description
1 Intro Video Matthew Zeffertt and Thomas Schubert The intro video featured Charlotte and Jacob in the bumper cars welcoming students despite the foul weather. Edwin Barnes mounted a GoPro onto the back of his car, which the presenters followed, while three other cameras were placed around the ride. The video was released just in time for the event's official beginning.
2 Main Video Olivia Gibbs\Edwin Barnes Released on the very next day, this video combined footage from the other videos and behind the scenes content (with a strong focus on interviews with drunk students).
3 Presenter Challenges Jacob Boyle Combined out of two video ideas, this programme featured Jacob and Charlotte competing at the different rides around the race course and later going on the hunt for a golden YorCup which had been hidden somewhere in the venue. Spoilers: The YorCup ended up being stolen. Or hopefully returned for once.
4 Haus of Dench Interview Stephanie Shires\Tom McGonagle Jacob Boyle interviews two Drag Queens from the "Haus of Dench" ensemble.
5 Recap Thomas Schubert One week after the Summer Ball, Thomas edited a 30sec compilation of footage from different parts of the evening.