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This site is an attempt to gather as much information about YSTV's history as we can, by throwing it open to you the members, ex-members, friends and admirers! Please do add information, images and stories, please do read and enjoy and please do get in touch. The usual rules of a wiki apply (I'm sure you've all used [ Wikipedia]). Basically, no untruths, no slander, no nastiness. If you're not sure about something (hazy memory?!) mark it clearly and someone else might be able to confirm for you. If you have particular information requests, make a page with a request and someone might just help you out. Most of all, enjoy!
== YSTV's Birthday ==
* [[Birthday Party]] - Find out about our celebrations of our 40th birthday.
Unfortunately the booking deadline has passed. A few spare tickets are available, but these are very limited. If you are still interested in attending, please [ email us].
== Getting started ==
* [[Unknown Photos]] - We have lots of photos from the station, but most of them don't say what or who they are of. Have a look and see if you can spot yourself!
* [[Information Requests]] - Want to know something? Ask here...
== YSTV's Birthday ==
* [[Birthday Party]] - On 30th June, we celebrated the anniversary with a dinner party in York.
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