YSTV Studio

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This was not to be available until Spring 1994 however, leaving the society led by [[Karen Bagley]] to operate without a base for the intervening period. Whilst major broadcasts like [[Election Night 1994]] and [[Children In Need 1993]] were put out from temporary facilities, regular programme making came almost to a halt with equipment stored in the Physics plant room (S/010), the top of Central Hall, student rooms, and a garage round the back of Wentworth, with [[Karen Bagley]]'s first floor room in Vanbrugh X block (now Grimston House) acting as temporary office space. However, in an attempt to keep members interested, the society did try to keep [[Campus Today]] going on a regular basis, and also made a move towards non-live output such as the [[Fresher's Guide to Campus (or The Search For Wentworth)]].
= G/046 Current Studio =
During the summer of 1994 YSTV moved into what was then known as G/046, in what was then Goodricke college (since 'relocated' to East, with remaining buildings on West Campus being reallocated to James college). They were no strangers to this room as it had been used as the control room for Election Night for the two preceding years. The previous occupiers of the room were the Psychology department, now on their way to a purpose built block next to James College. They had tailored it to their own requirements with a series of small partitioned areas within the main room. See the [[interregnum]] page for details on the story leading up to YSTV's move into G/046. At this point the SU offices and several other societies were located along the same corridor in Goodricke College so it seemed a sensible place for YSTV to join them.
[[Image:19940318_goodricke-studio_Adrian-Jones.jpg|thumb|right|G/046 during conversion]]