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YSTV Studio

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Today (summer 2007), P/S/016 is used as a nuclear physics laboratory, and is very hard to gain access to due to hazardous stuff, and needing to time it with the lab operators. There is a plan in motion to make a hole in the wall above and to the right of the door (looking at it from the outside) to pull cables through to a box/rack mounted on the wall in the corridoor.
== P/X/002 ==
P/X/002 was the home of YSTV from {{unsure|some point}} in the 1970s until June 1993. The room still exists and has since been renamed P/X/003.
[[Image:PX002workshop.jpeg|thumb|right|In the workshop]]
It is located within the entrance area of P/X/001, and it now used as storage space. There is little if any evidence that YSTV was ever there from the current appearance of the room. The network broadcast and return feed cables still run through the loft space above the room, and it is used a distribution point to feed signal to TVs located on the Concourse area for Conferences and Freshers week.
When in operation as YSTV's colour studio (October 1986 onwards), the area was split into three rooms in a row. When entering the Station, the first room was used as a workshop and equipment store. This had a doorway which led to the Control Room, which then had another doorway through to the studio.
Prior to 1986, the first room acted as office, workshop and Control Room, and the studio space included what later became the Control Room.

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