Sophie Bolwell-Davies

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Sophie Bolwell-Davies
Years Active 2019 – Present
Current LocationThe YSTV Studio. Probably.
DegreesBSc Film and Television Production


Sophie (also known as Sophie B-D) joined YSTV in the autumn of 2019, and quickly got involved in many productions and social events.

Sophie can most commonly be found in the YSTV studio, Goodricke College, Courtyard or at home in Essex. Is amongst the group known as #Firstyearsthatarecool.



# Show Position Description
1 YSTV Sport - Volleyball Men's (13/11/19) Camera Op Officially met the Thomas Schubert, Andrew Waddle, Morgan McKay and Ben Allen. And camera Op'd with Rory Percival.
2 Boozy Broadcasts: Drunk Werewolves Participant Innocently signed up as she loved the game but shortly realised she had forgotten the rules and was very suspicious. Perks were the pizza her and Alize ordered beforehand.
3 Drunk Drivers- YSTV plays Mario Cart Participant Played one round against the soon to be crowned winner, and lost. Believed to have started the banana throwing, after Will Stirk provided everyone with a lot of bananas whilst sporting appropriate attire.
4 YSTV does HUNTED- Episode 2 Participant/Camera Op/ Great plan creator May have been caught first, but had an amazing team consisting of Tilly Garland and Marta Vitola. Is best remembered for her assurance that they were heading in the right direction, when she had no clue and her notorious plans.
5 Come Dine with Me- episode 1 Camera Op Had a great time filming, as well as interviewing each of the contestants at the end with Neve Carey.
6 Election Debate Night Camera Op Was directed by Joe Radford for the first time and enjoyed hearing all the gossip on the potential candidates.
7 Elections Results Night Camera Op #Chillandmingle Had a great time Camera Oping with Karinna Hollins and Alize Akturk.
8 YSTV Sport- MMA Fight Night 2020 Camera Op Enjoyed Camera Oping from the gallery and proudly helped set up the Jibb for the first time on her own.
9 Quarantine Weekly- Episode 1 Participant May have scored 5/10 on her Den after not being able to download the updated rules, thus loosing, and paid the price with a bucket of cold water being poured on her head
10 Quarantine Weekly- Episode 2 Participant


  • Loves Blankets.
  • Loves animals.
  • Sucks at building dens according to popular competitions.
  • Scared of her own chickens.
  • Believed to be the person storing breadsticks in the archive corridor- to be confirmed.