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The Single Transferable Vote VT is used during elections to explain to the viewers how the voting system works. it has become something of a tradition on election night.

Original Version (2000)

This was presented by Unknown and was filmed in Goodricke Dining Hall. It featured balloons to represent the candidates. Clips from The Simpsons were used to illustrate.

Michael Prior-Jones Version (2003)

For Elections 2003 Michael re-filmed the above in YSTV's studio, complete with balloons and the same clips as before - this time cropped to eliminate the Sky One logo! This version was also used for 2004's programme.

Star Wars Version (2005)

Fitting in with that year's Star Wars theme to elections, Jen Aystert and Anthony Laverty filmed another balloon-laden VT, this time representing Star Wars characters.

Current Version (2006 onwards)

The current version was masterminded by Sarah Leese in 2006, and starred Vanky, Ed the Duck, Sweep, Selbysaurus, Margaret Thatcher and Neil Kinnock. The latter 5 were represented by glove puppets (Ed, Sweep), small stuffed dinosaurs (Selbysaurus), and Kev Larkin's slippers (Margaret, Neil).

Sweep won the election, as the votes transferred from Selbysaurus being eliminated jumped him ahead of Ed the Duck.

The VT was produced specifically without being dated, so it could be used time and time again.