Rhys Milling

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Rhys Milling
Rhys crouching.jpg
Years Active 2019 – Present
Positions Held
HometownWales somewhere...?
Current LocationLocked in a server cabinet with his beloved duck
DegreesBEng Computer Science


Rhys smells Hailing from a small (or possibly large) town in Wales, not much is known about the wild Rhys. The leek is the national symbol of his country (although it turns out confusingly he might be Scottish or Russian) and his favourite film is Robert Downey Jr's magum opus. He's a 'very silly goose'.

Rhysy-poos is also very very cash money. from a fellow lover of naps (or in your case staying up for as long as possible before passing out) :)


  • Two dogs called Biscuit and Flora
  • Lived in Constantine
  • Had his bike stolen second term of the first year.
  • Pro dancing skills
  • Questionable Karaoke skills
  • Has a gym membership
  • Has lost count of amount of all nighters done in the ystv studio
  • Stores food sometimes in the server rack
  • Is a criminal?
  • Accidently 'killed' a chicken

Favourite software

  • ffmpeg
  • nginx compiled with nginx-rtmp-module
  • ubuntu-18.04
  • docker
  • isc-dhcp-server
  • vscode
  • club-penguin
  • go
  • ssh


His preferred production is a live production.

Year 1

# Show Position Description
Autumn Term
1 GIAG 2019 (13/10/2019) Graphics op / Sound mixer Mostly vibing
2 Restart a heart day (16/10/2019) Presenter First time in front of the camera, very modcon.
3 Boxing Fight Night 2019 (23/11/2019) Livestream technician First time doing a non-test livestream, disliked having to get an IP from ITS. Found the reason why the graphics PC wasn't working because the RAM had popped out during transit, involved scampering back to the studio from D-bar and getting a screwdriver.
Spring Term
4 Drunk Mario Kart Stream (14/01/2020) Livestream technician Used a lot of computers and had the stream dying multiple times. Played graphics through my personal laptop's HDMI out.
5 GIAG 2020 (18/01/2020) Livestream technician / general technician Two people showed up and CasparCG did not like the idea of graphics.
6 Elections Debate Night 2020 (13/02/2020) Livestream technician Started late, livestreamed, made some notes, had the Facebook stream die 3 times.
7 Elections Result Night 2020 (22/02/2020) Livestream technician Was awake for over 24 hours. Stopped the villainous Andrew Waddle from ruining the OB network. Power was tripped. Stream did not die once during transmission!
8 MMA Fight Night 2020 (08/03/2020) Livestream technician Was awake for over 24 hours. Rebuilt OB2, making it utilise the VideoHub. Had issues with a HDMI patch panel. Stopped the villainous Andrew Waddle once again from fiddling with OB2's VideoHub patching. Found out that graphics had to be played on the DSK. Many thanks to Sophie Bolwell-Davies, and her tech help/expertise.


Rhys has used a computer, and done a few bits and bobs.

Year 1


  • Organised AD users and added a few new GPO's.
  • Swapped paxman's motherboard at 4am after it was having issues dropping packets whenever we would try to stream on the local network. This did not resolve the problem but instead complicated the boot process, where it now requires a person to manually select what OS to boot.
  • Resolved packets being dropped on paxman after discovering there was a fault with a driver and could be resolved by a couple of commands.
  • Started moving more accounts away from the domain controller and onto our user profile storage server.
  • Created a little script on a Pi to display a RTMP feed over HDMI.
  • Resolved network drives not been shown after taking multiple hours to find out that the file server simply wasn't on the Window's domain.
  • Build the computer Welshcakes, a rack-mounted computer that has a graphics card, it's purpose being a development server and graphics playout for a 24/7 stream which may happen someday.


  • Switched over the old transcoders over to the bytemark machines. Involved fiddling with our streaming infrastructure to use them and deployed encodesrv on them in time for YUSU Elections 2020.
  • Created a new branch of encodesrv that utilised Python's fstrings, made the main branch "runnable" with the current YSTV setup.
  • Reinstalled the OS on both OB units and setup the internal network that works sometimes.
  • Swapped OB2 to use nvenc encoding.
  • Reduced the amount of monitor theft that occurred during OB's.
  • Obtained a new switch from ITS.
  • Brought in Clarkson, his home server. There was an attempt to install it into the YSTV server rack but sadly the mighty fans made all editors hiss when they heard it's power. It will eventually go to an ITS data-centre but currently it sits on the floor, turned on during streams to multiplex the input stream to different platforms.
  • Started backup process allowing the current file-store and the user profiles to be safely backed up in the Cloud.
  • Created a python script to manage the OB unit's stream, making it easier to customise a stream. To be merged into the obmanager project at some point as well.
  • Swapped dead drive in web and rebuilt it's array.
  • Made mediawiki send emails again by adding an alias for the email address "www-data@ystv.co.uk".
  • Setup a YSTV Minecraft server, which ITS would not be happy about it being exposed outside the Unversity network.


  • Began to upload missing videos to the YSTV website since people couldn't easily access the YSTV uploader.
  • Created the YSTV Computing Policy.
  • Created the password manager service.
  • Chaired 4 computing meetings. Which where somewhat productive, and helped shape the Website 2020 project.
  • Started work on the Website 2020 project primarily doing the backend but also made two-ish frontend services:
    • web-api - Supposed to be a web API (as the name implies) that powers the majority of the project's functionality.
    • web-auth - Provides a very bodgey "SSO" service for the project.
    • DB migration - Updated things, making it allegedly "better" and made it work with the new project.
    • video-transcode - To replace EncodeSrv with an edgy name and hopefully better approach.
    • creator-studio - To replace the existing watch admin functionality.
  • Setup our "cdn" (really just 4 instances of minio running to provide an s3 like interface, but it sounds cooler to say its a cdn).
  • Replaced web's hard drive. Partially done to stop the constant daily email about a degraded array
  • Fixed acmetool when let's encrypt went away from using ACMEv1. Partially done to stop the constant daily email about certificates due to expire.
  • Caused a drive crash
  • Replaced web's motherboard that was agreed upon being faulty due to it's SATA connections being dubious. The replacement motherboard was also dodgy with a non-working network port which isn't ideal for our main server. Installed a pci-e networking card which couldn't work because the drivers weren't installed. Used a very reliable usb adapter to install the software necessary for the pci-e card to work. Knocked out the webcams after completing the upgrade due to a lack of vlan knowledge.
  • Buggered up web's record in lanDB after attempting to change the MAC address for the interface listed, requiring a ticket and an escalation and we lost the domain ystv-stream.sns.york.ac.uk (No idea what it was for) in the process :(
  • Specced out the ystv computing upgrades with our £10k grant.
  • Complained a lot about the other aspects of the grant spending.
  • Helped out with the branding upgrade.
  • Organised the 2020 project's public site branding since the two appointed scallywags aren't very good at communicating with each other ;).
  • Got burnt out and procrastinated lots of times.
  • Reinstalled the OS on both edit0/1 after Adobe not playing well with the computers not being able to connect to the domain controller.
  • Rearranged the station's control room to be more "covid secure" and tidied all the mess (pushed into a corner).
  • Installed a new CCTV server.
  • Got adam-rms for ystv after asking his housemate nicely.
  • Misc changes to the current site to keep it maintained somewhat.