Rhys Milling

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Rhys Milling
Rhys crouching.jpg
Years Active 2019 – Present
Positions Held
HometownWales somewhere...?
Current LocationLocked in a server cabinet with his beloved duck

Hailing from a small (or possibly large) town in Wales, not much is known about the wild Rhys. The leek is the national symbol of his country (although it turns out confusingly he might be Scottish) and his favourite film is Robert Downey Jr's magum opus. He's a 'very silly goose'.

Rhysy-poos is also very very cash money. from a fellow lover of naps (or in your case staying up for as long as possible for passing out) :)


  • Two dogs called Biscuit and Flora
  • Lived in Constantine
  • Had his bike stolen second term of the first year.
  • Pro dancing skills
  • Questionable Karaoke skills
  • Has a gym membership
  • Has lost count of amount of all nighters done in the ystv studio
  • Stores food sometimes in the server rack

Favourite software

  • FFmpeg
  • Nginx compiled with nginx-rtmp-module
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Docker
  • isc-dhcp-server
  • vscode



# Show Position Description
Spring Term
1 GIAG 2019 (13/10/19) Graphics op / Sound mixer Mostly vibing
2 Restar a heart day (16/10/2019 Presenter First time in front of the camera, very modcon.
3 Boxing Fight Night 2019 (23/11/2019) Livestream technician First time doing a non-test livestream, disliked having to get an IP from ITS.
Spring Term
4 Drunk Mario Kart Stream (14/01/2020) Livestream technician Used a lot of computers and had the stream dying multiple times. Played graphics through my personal laptop's HDMI out.
5 GIAG 2020 (18/01/2020) Livestream technician / general technician Two people showed up and CasparCG did not like the idea of graphics.
6 Debate Night 2020 (13/02/2020) Livestream technician Started late, livestreamed, made some notes, had the Facebook stream die 3 times.
7 Elections Result Night 2020 (22/02/2020) Livestream technician Was awake for over 24 hours. Power was tripped. Stream did not die once during transmission!
8 MMA Fight Night 2020 (08/03/2020) Livestream technician Was awake for over 24 hours. Had issues with a HDMI patch panel. Found out that graphics had to be played on the DSK.