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In 2020 during the Government imposed lockdown due to Coronavirus, YSTV began to produce quarantine or lockdown videos from home in order to keep busy and be able to continue with productions. The main show that came from this was Quarantine Weekly.

During Quarantine YSTV, in order to mark the videos distinctly from the regular ones, a green border was used on the thumbnail of the videos as opposed to the regular blue.

Quarantine YSTV was not YSTV's first tango with Coronavirus, as in February 2020, when it was announced that the first UK case of Coronavirus had occurred in York, Olivia Gibbs, Zoe Dickinson and Joe Radford appeared on Sky News being interviewed about the Universities reaction. The three of them, alongside Theo Bimson then created two videos about Coronavirus: The Vice-Chancellor's Statement on Coronavirus and a second unreleased video (thank god) explaining why Coronavirus wasn't something to worry about...


During Quarantine Meetings were either had via Zoom, Discord or Google Hangouts. Eventually Zoom became the place for more serious meetings and Discord more used socially. The format of meetings changed slightly in order to keep everyone sane and not have people just talk over each other.

Admin meetings were moved to Monday so that people didn't have to sit through 2 hour long meetings on a Tuesday (with Production meetings as well).


Discord channels were arranged like the YSTV studio, Courtyard, G/N/020, as well as several clubs in town so members could pretend they were still just in York.

The most common Discorders were Rhys Milling, Sophie Bolwell-Davies, Will Stirk, Ben Allen and Joe Radford.

Discord was also regularly used for games of Club Penguin and Minecraft.

Quarantine Weekly

Quarantine Weekly was a show that came together from an amalgamation of ideas and segments. Primarily from Stephanie Shires' desire to spread some happy news (hence the creation of the Happy News segment).

The show's segments included The Happy News, Campus News and the always popular weekly Isolation Challenges (run by Louis Dickson).

The first week's Challenge was to build a Den.

The second week's challenge was to create a backwards video.

Drunk History

Produced by Thomas Schubert and Zoe Dickinson, drunk histories saw the two of them along with Marta Vitola getting drunk and telling their history stories over Zoom.

A Lot of Editing

One of the most significant projects to occur during Quarantine YSTV was editing and specifically catching up on all the things we still hadn't edited. This included Come Dine With Me, Theatre Productions, Behind the Streams and more! As well as editing of the shows still being created.

Other Ideas / Plans

Ideas were had for a riddle show (similar to an online escape room), animated short stories, a revival of Schubert Squared, amongst others.