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YSTV has made many one-time-only programmes. List them here.


  • unsure dateUnverified or incomplete information - Treaure Hunt
  • 1986 Primary Colour - We started broadcasting in colour. Not sure what we did apart from make a hologram ...
  • 1987 YSTV Tour - a light-hearted introduction to the inner workings of YSTV.
  • 1987 Puppets - a music video, produced well before Premier Pro...
  • 1987 Now Get Into This - Multi-team competition taking place around York.
  • 1988 Breaker 88 - Surely the biggest YSTV One-Off ever, which put us into the record books for the longest programme under a single director, Keith Hide-Smith.
  • 1998 Grease - Central Hall production


  • 1992 Jim'll Sodomise You - indeed.
  • 1992 John's Sick Jokes - Series of sketches filmed in Physics gent's.
  • 1993 The Crystal Daze - Think amateur version of "The Crystal Maze"...
  • 1993 Closure - produced to mark the closure of the Physics studio and potential end of YSTV.
  • 1994 Fresher's Guide to Campus (or The Search For Wentworth) - Spoof guide, demonstrating various stereotypical aspects of York's campus.
  • 1994 Campus Shopping Network - Instead of QVC, think PVC..
  • 1994 3-to-1 a short drama - Brian attempts to juggle three of his girlfriends in one afternoon for a bet
  • 1994 That strip-teasing orange peel thing that won a national award...Unverified or incomplete information
  • 1995 Compilation of sketches in association with the Aardvark SocietyUnverified or incomplete information
  • 1995 Men of YSTV tribute to the men of YSTV in 1995
  • 1995 Babes of YSTV an SVHS editing demo by Owain Davies
  • 1995 Good Morning Campus - the first time round anyone know anything more about this?Unverified or incomplete information
  • 1996 Joker in the Pack - Graham Quince's drama inspired by the BBC's House of Cards.
  • 1996 The Saturday Show - one-off magazine show made for Freshers Week.
  • 1997 Joker in the Pack II - Sequel that was sadly never completed.
  • 1998 Postcard to Montserrat - Another drama from Graham Quince.
  • 1999 Tom not Jerry - An overacted spoof of Jerry Springer produced by Tom Lancaster.


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