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YSTV has made many one-time-only programmes. List them here.


  • 1986 YSTV Colour - We started broadcasting in colour. Not sure what we did apart from make a hologram ...
  • 1987 YSTV Tour - a light-hearted introduction to the inner workings of YSTV.
  • 1987 Puppets - a music video, produced well before Premier Pro...
  • 1988 Breaker 88 - Surely the biggest YSTV One-Off ever, which put us into the record books for the longest programme under a single director, Keith Hide-Smith.


  • 2000 Vanbrugh Paradise - not meant to be a one-off, but only one episode of this student soap ever got made.
  • 2000 Lolita - one off drama piece. Actually pretty good.
  • 2000 YSTV-am - a saturday-morning-kids-TV style programme put out live each morning in Freshers' Week.
  • 2001 Lazy Lunch - A re-freshers' week show, this time at lunchtime
  • 2001 This Afternoon - Yet another magaziney programme, for Freshers' Week 2001
  • 2001 Kings of Queen - a live concert video at the York Barbican
  • 2000 WoodenSpoon - a cookery show
  • 2002 Reader of the Road - a drama shot in York city centre
  • 2003 Have I Got News For YUSU - Student union spoof of the panel show, made all filler for Elections 2003
  • 2003 The YSTV Great Big Christmas Game Show Thingy 2003 - If you can fit all of the title on the screen, it tells you what it did.
  • 2003 Whose YSTV is it Anyway - Another pilot-only show, you can guess where the idea came from ...
  • 2004 Stereotypes - Made over the weekend of week 2 Autumn term with lots of new members involved.
  • 2005 Elections Past - highlights from 21 years of YSTV Election Night footage
  • 2005 YSTV's Bloomers - eighteen months' worth of cock-ups collated in this compilation.
  • 2005 Good Morning Campus- Early morning live show. Very bloody early.
  • 2005 Guide To Campus - Does what it says on the tin, at least until they change bits of campus around.
  • 2005 Make Poverty History - we took a camera to the rally in Edinburgh, and made this program as a result.
  • 2005 Learning Curves - The first and only animated show on YSTV?
  • 2006 Webstream Launch - A night of YSTV goodness to celebrate the launch of streaming on the internet

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