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The National Student Television Association

YSTV has had a long and productive history as a key player in NaSTA. We have hosted or co-hosted the annual Conference and Awards Ceremony three times in the last 10 years - 1997, 2002 and 2006. We have managed to bring back at least one award every year since 2001 For more information see the [NaSTA Website].


  • 1987 YSTV hosted NaSTA
  • 1989 YSTV won "Freestyle" category (we still have the trophy!).


  • 1990 won News (Bulletin)
  • 1996 Hosted by Nexus in Norwich
  • 1997 Hosted by YSTV in York
  • 1998 Hosted by Guild TV in Birmingham - won Best Broadcaster joint with who ???Unverified or incomplete information
  • 1999 Hosted by GUST in Glasgow - won News and Current Affairs (Bona Dicta) and Title Sequence (Bona Dicta). Highly Commended Station Ident (Naturally YSTV).


  • 2000 Hosted by NERVE in Bournemouth - 'nuff said. This was the first year with "professional" judges rather than the Eurovision-style voting system that had existed before.
  • 2001 Hosted by STOIC and BTV in London - Won Title Sequence (Red Braces)
  • 2002 Hosted by YSTV in York, won Best Ident (Pigeons), Highly Commended Best Broadcaster
  • 2003 Won Best Ident (Snow), Highly Commended Drama (Reader of the Road), Highly Commended Music (Battle of the Bands).
  • 2004 Won Music (The Music Show) and Light Entertainment (Small Screen). Highly Commended Ident (Ocean) and Title Sequence (Elections 2003).
  • 2005 Highly Commended Ident (Terrain), Highly Commended Title Sequence (The Review) and Highly Commended Best Broadcaster.
  • 2006 YSTV joint hosting with LS:TV in Leeds, won Best Ident (Ducks) and Highly Commended Best Broadcaster
  • 2007 Won Open (Welcome to Venus), Documentary (Dead York) and Highly Commended Drama