Michael Chislett

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Mike Chislett

Simple Facts about Mike

  • Mike joined in 2009 at Fresher Fair.
  • Mike has a slight hate of MAC OSX, due to it being left hand drive. - prefers window controls on the right.
  • Likes lighting rigs. far too much.
  • Invented windowvision2010.


  • Fast food. A show about food that is fast. takeaways, quizzes, and some bloke who has a strange habit of blending/liquidising cheap meals. Fast food's first episode was a complete disaster, and the only interesting thing was apparently Chris Young's choice of clothing. For some unknown reason, people insisted on watching it. As a result, Mike hid the episode from the website's view, in the hope that it would sink down the search results! Series 2 will happen, with some drastic changes: this time, It's not going to get toned down atall. There will be blending, there will be takeaway races, and there will be cooking races. The episode will end as soon as the takeaway arrives.
  • Create YSTV "big logo" idents. Go round campus projecting logo all over the place.
    • It works. but needs more lumens ...
  • Create infinite loop idents / stings
    • filming of idea 1 complete, 1st draft ready, finishing touches to make.
  • GD set.
    • the awesomeness that is, extremely complicated for a YSTV set. That is all I will say.