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Simple Facts about Mike Mike joined in 2009 at Fresher Fair. Mike has a slight hate of MAC OSX, due to it being left hand drive. - prefers window controls on the right. Likes lighting rigs. far too much.

Things Mike intends to do during his time at YSTV Find / build / accquire a USB-DMX interface & and 12 channels worth of DMX-analogue, for "DMXifying" YSTV's existing Pulsar dimmers.

Mad ideas that Mike has come up with for YSTV includes a few that probably will never happen

Create skydiving ident. Possibly consisting of a huge Loo-roll made logo being made on 22Acres feild, with someome landing on it, and footage from a helmet-cam... I expect Skydiving soc probably wont be able to do this though. Perhaps a different feild? ok, that ain't gonna happen, but I do have a friend eith a private pilots licence...

Create YSTV "big logo" idents. Go round campus projecting logo all over the place - mysteron style if anyone remember captian scarlet.

big stained sugar glass ident: make big logo in colours (transparent = hard) then get someone to jump through it.

Politics meets gameshow show. Nuff said.

Text in system? possibly using anold Nokia phone, hooked into the Nokia PC suite DLL's, with a bit of VB or C++... Mike can't do much C++ yet though