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[[File:Mikw_wiki.JPG|right|frame|Mike Chislett]]
==Simple Facts about Mike==
==Simple Facts about Mike==
*Mike joined in 2009 at Fresher Fair.
*Mike joined in 2009 at Fresher Fair.

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Mike Chislett

Simple Facts about Mike

  • Mike joined in 2009 at Fresher Fair.
  • Mike has a slight hate of MAC OSX, due to it being left hand drive. - prefers window controls on the right.
  • Likes lighting rigs. far too much.

Not Happening (yet)

  • big stained sugar glass ident: make big logo in colours (transparent is hard to make) then get someone to jump through it.
    • needs bigger fridge.
  • Politics meets gameshow show. Nuff said.
    • needs general election...Oh wait!
    • needs general election to happen after holidays. Which looks unlikely now ...


  • fast food. A show about food that is fast. takeaways, quizzes, and some bloke who has a strange habit of blending/liquidising cheap meals.
    • title sequence = done
    • Series 1 episode 1 - done.
    • Series 1 episode 2 - going to happen, probably week 5/6.
  • Create YSTV "big logo" idents. Go round campus projecting logo all over the place.
    • It works. but needs more lumens ...
  • Create infinite loop idents / stings
    • filming of idea 1 complete, 1st draft ready, finishing touches to make.


  • 2009/2010 Scheduling Manager
  • 2010/2011 Technical Director