Last Page

Last Page
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Genre: Drama
Producer(s): cat = Productions

Last Page is a short drama film released in 2017. It was written and directed by Sam Hance and he also executive produced alongside Hui-Ling Phillips. It features Liam Blake and Hayley Louise Clark. Set on a Sunday morning in 1995, the film revolves around a man waking to find his obituary and he tries to find out how it got there and why.


Pre-production started a couple of weeks into Autumn Term until the shoot on November 18th and 19th 2017. A team was formed with different roles in order to spread the workload and to get more people involved. This included casting, locations, props as well as production roles. Regular meetings took place for updates.

Filmed on a particularly cold November weekend, filming was fairly constant during the limited daylight hours.

Sam edited the film in around 3 weeks with the help of John Mackender who was an edit assistant. Highlights included learning about masking, matching shots and audio editing, particularly when removing a fridge hum.


Viewers have often said they enjoy the film. As could be expected, the website comments aren't serious.