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Kira Moore has been a member of YSTV since 2019 and was elected to be Head of Commercial 2021-22 after securing the only 2020-21 commercial contract.

She was awarded ,at the Floppy's, 'The Louis Hamilton Award for Best Driving' 2019-20 for her role as head of transportation in 'Hunted Episode 2'. She was then awarded the 'YSTV's Sugar Daddy' award 2020-21 for the aforementioned contract.

During 2021 she produced the short film 'Correction' for the 96 hour film challenge. This then promptly became one of the only YSTV productions to be removed from YouTube and Facebook due to content complaints. The film dealt heavily with sexual violence and foul language and came with a content warning accordingly. Someone deemed that not enough and complained straight to YUSU, hence the short being taken down.

Kira is a name not nearly as famous as that of her dog Lexi's who outshone her in many of the projects she worked on such as 'Diary of a Girl in Lockdown', which won Best Dramatic Performance and Highly Commended for Best Drama at the 2021 NaSTA awards, and 'The Lockdown Diaries: Episode 4'.

Likely her biggest work to date was as producer on the 'Freshers Fair Livestream 2021' where she managed to juggle over 30 societies for interview and successfully introduced the YSTV Banana Board which came with the bonus feature of the Banana Boi Max Roach. This was then given the Silver Award for Event Coverage at the 2022 NaSTA Awards.

Kira has worked as a producer on 'ERN: The After Show' and 'Roses Unlocked' but her passion lies in writing and working camera on fiction projects.



# Show Position Description
1 Pick Me Up Theatre Camera Op Officially met the Thomas Schubert and camera opped for the Halloween special a local theatre was putting on. Commercial contract.
2 YSTV does Hunted - Episode 2 Driver Was the Head of Transportation for the team of Hunters.
3 Come Dine with Me- episode 4 Camera Op Had a great time filming, as well as interviewing each of the contestants at the end.
4 Quarantine Weekly- Episode 6 Writer/Camera Op/Editor/Producer Was the creator and presenter for the 'Pets from Home' segment and sourced all the external clips before editing them together with the original footage I produced.
5 Quarantine Weekly- Episode 7 Writer/Camera Op/Editor/Producer Was the creator and presenter for the 'Pets from Home' segment and sourced all the external clips before editing them together with the original footage I produced.
6 Quarantine Weekly- Episode 8 Writer/Camera Op/Editor/Producer Was the creator and presenter for the 'Pets from Home' segment and sourced all the external clips before editing them together with the original footage I produced.


# Show Position Description
1 YSTV On the Rocks Episode 4 Guest Made some cocktails with Oliver, Sophie Bolwell-Davies and Joe Radford, got caught in a hurricane and slightly tipsy.
2 Lockdown Diaries Episode 3 Participant Filmed the 'Creative Kira One Day Four Disc Creativity Course for Creative People Feeling Uncreative' or CKODFDCCFCPFU for short. Lexi stole the show.
3 YSTV Arts and Crafts Vision Mixer Built the set and remote vision mixed for the premiere of YSTV's Arts Competition.
4 Elections Results Night 2021: The After Show Producer and Vision Mixer Arranged all the guests for and built the set for the After Show. Crewed the production with floor manager Keoni then sat and vision mixed the 'On the Rocks' segment for between guests.
5 Elections Results Night 2021: Maddie Cocktail VT & Bingo VT Editor Cut these bad boys together and styled them to be extra spicy.
6 Roses Unlocked 2021- Running Producer Organised crew and kit to livestream the running event while liasing with the club. It wasn't successful but as the first event of Roses we learnt a lot from it and the rest of the weekend went much more smoothly.
7 Roses Unlocked 2021- Archery Camera Op Got some good footage and helped with tech set-up to cover a very aesthetic event.
8 Roses Unlocked 2021- Mooting Producer and Remote Vision Mixer Built the set, organised and vision mixed the mooting stream for Roses. As producer I was talking to the head of the society to organise how it would look.
9 Roses Unlocked 2021- A Question of Roses Remote Vision Mixer Built the set for, imported graphics and assets for and helped to floor manage the Roses quiz show alongside The Other K Keoni who was too busy keeping score and building the tension.
10 YSTV does Eurovision 2021- Semi-Final 2 Vision Mixer I had to yell for them to be quiet a lot but this was very much a baptism of fire into non-remote vision mixing.
11 CHMS Showcase Technical Day 2 Graphics Op/Vision Mixer Worked to support a new vision mixer and help direct what was a very non-organised side of things. Set them up very well for the rest of the project.
12 CHMS Showcase Technical Day 4 Jib Op/Camera Op Got to play with the cool-kid stuff and capture some very nice theatre shots.
13 A Very Magical Adventure Promos Producer/Camera Op/Sound Op Negotiated an ongoing commercial contract with the company for various promo materials. Filmed talking head social media content then a full trailer advertising the catering company for their experiences. Camera opped and lit the talking heads while liasing with the client then sound opped and lit the trailer.
14 Correction: 96 Hour Film Challenge Producer/Writer/Editor/Camera Op Helped to write and produce this project then worked camera and finished up the edit and colour work. We had great fun doing it but it has sadly been removed from FaceBook and YouTube after a complaint due to the content. (despite the massive content warning at the start. Still available on Kira Moore's personal YouTube and the YSTV Website.
15 Diary of a Girl in Lockdown Writer/Actor/Camera Op/Producer Wrote and starred in this scripted comedy confessional in an attempt to make lockdown a little more bearable for myself and others because wasn't that a mess. Winner for 2021 Best Dramatic Performance at NaSTA and Highly Commended in the same year for Best Drama.


# Show Position Description
1 Fresher Fair Livestream 2021 Producer Organised interviews with over 30 societies, crewed the project, managed to wrangle some techies, carried 2 sofas across campus and helped floor manage on the day when we had to reset inside after we got rained off. Every society got interviewed.
2 Freshers 2021: Vanbrugh Paradise Festival Camera Op/ Assistant Producer Filmed interview content for the Paradise Festival Coverage. Got release forms and grabbed the acts so we could get their take.
3 Freshers 2021: YUSU Comedy Night Camera Op Filmed interview content of the acts for the night including Suzi Ruffell.
4 Technical Stage Services Promo Producer/Camera Op Negotiated and secured the commercial contract for a short promo video including a lot of B-Roll and some small interviews. Got some crew and sorted and talked to the clients on the day about what they wanted. Delivered the product and invoiced correctly.
5 Give it a Go 2021: Session 2 Director/Vision Mixer Supervisor Helped our latest batch of freshers get to grips with the above roles and helped when I needed to during our practice livestream for them.
6 York Futsal Livestream Producer Negotiated and secured the contract for bi-weekly livestreams of York Futsal's leagues games for a set price per livestream. Organised the logistic with techies and ran the first stream including collaborating with Futsal after delivery of the product for anything we should change moving forward.
7 YSTV Reports: Climate Protest 2021 Producer Organised crew and transport for kit then managed all the paperwork and interviews on the day, including getting in touch with the organiser and getting an interview with them.
8 How Not To Do It: Episode One Vision Mixer Teamed up for Max Roach and organised the visuals for one of the weirdest auditory experiences of any YSTV livestream.
9 Middle Ground Conversation Producer Negotiated the commercial contract to film a panel event as-live on behalf of the University fo York in aid of Black History Month 2021. Organised tech and crew and floor managed during the event to ensure smooth coverage. I also hosted a number of training sessions beforehand specifically for this so crew new to their roles had a chance to get to grips with the kit. Sadly, the footage from this project was horribly corrupted but I renegotiated with the clients to create a high-end podcast for them instead as I was able to preserve audio.
10 Comedy Soc Fresher's Sketch Show Producer Mostly I acted as an on-the-day producer with Max Roach having organised most of the pre-production. I briefed all the crew, made sure kit was ready and grabbed the extra things we needed. For this two untrained camera ops were signed up so I had to do a crash course in operating and framing before the commenced but we were able to produce and achieved as-live production for our good friends Comedy Soc.
11 Yindoors Frisbee Director Advised Max Roach on the pricing for this event after it was brought to us with only 2 weeks notice. Then I acted as a director/floor manager on the Sunday of the full weekend of livestreams where I handled all of the problem solving for the day and took notes on each match to make the edit easier for a highlight reel. I had a the very talented Sophie Bolwell-Davies as vision mixer so didn't really need to give much support as director.
12 Sweet May at Vicky Vaults Exec Producer Organised the paid contract to produce a video of a full set performed by the band Sweet May at the Vaults in York. I wrote and got the contract signed, ensured delivery of the specified products and organised crew. Once I had a producer that was available on the day I gave them a brief so they could organised the on-location crew as well as ensuring they had the correct kit to be able to film the band properly.
13 YSTV Reports: Strikes 2022 Producer/Cam Op Went out with a C100 camera and got footage from the picket line made up of staff and students that were currently on strike. I prepped questions and did vox pops for that then released it to the editor and gave feedback until we had the final cut.
14 IUPDC 2022 Producer Commercial contract to cover the Northern Regionals Inter-University Pole Dance Championship. We were paid to record each performance and edit them into some aesthetic clips for the performers' own use. I was put in touch with one of the organisers and put together all the paperwork, figured out what they wanted then got a contract signed. I managed to keep costs down for them as they are part of the university so it was just me and two cam-ops on the day. I set-up the C100 cameras we were using and then swapped out the two cam-ops so we had one wide covering the action and one close-up camera and neither of them were getting too tired.
15 Elections Results Night 2022 Cam Op Manned the centre camera on the floor of the awards to offer the key shot for the presenters and winners on the stage. Followed the directions of Ben Allen to make sure we had the coverage we needed on the night.
16 York Hornet's Cheer Showcase 2022 Producer Commercial contract to film all the performances for the University of York's Cheerleading Squad. We were asked initially to provide a host and possibly livestream the event. As this was the same weekend as ERN I figured everyone would be too tired for a livestream so decided to do a 3 camera pre-rec instead. I put together a crew and organised a meeting with the organisers and the host in order to get a gauge on what they wanted from the night. Sadly there was miscommunication at this stage that meant the host did not fit the tone of the event and the clients lodged a complaint the following day. I dealt with this by apologising and giving them a 50% discount on the initial price. They were very happy with the footage and said they would still consider us for future work as it was a first time host and a learning curve for all involved.
17 YSTV Reports: RAG Week Wellbeing Fair Cam Op Went out with an AC/90 camera and filmed a reporting segment for the wellbeing fair happening on Campus West. My job was mainly as a B-Camera getting behind the scenes. We all chipped in ideas to make the segment entertaining and informative and we also all had a go at throwing darts at balloons filled with paint. I got plenty of B-Roll and together with the team involved we were able to take quite an empty event and make it entertaining.
18 Comedy Soc: Women and Queer Culture Show Producer/Cam Op Organised kit and crew to go and film the women and non-binary show comedy society were putting on. This included stand-up a panel and sketch comedy. Joe Radford directing and was supposed to vision mix but we couldn't get the ATEM to connect to the laptop to record AUX. Luckily we had brought SD cards so just recorded to cameras and the sound desk to be edited in post. I manned the wide camera to re-frame so each act still took up the whole frame rather than being a tiny spot in the middle of a big stage. Collaborated with Comedy Socs producer for lighting and organised comms so Joe could direct me and the other cam-ops as necessary.
19 DnD Soc Comic Relief Livestream with Comedy Soc Vision Mixer Helped to set up all the kit for the livestream and organised camera shots and lighting then vision mixed for the duration of the livestream. We raised £140 in donations.
20 Pick Me Up Theatre: Shakespeare in Love Producer Organised the commercial contract with a representative from the theatre group then wen along to the dress rehearsal to make notes. Created camera cards based off the script for the crew that attended then re-negotiated with the client when some tech went wrong on the night. Sorted out an editor to deliver the best product we could still to the client.
21 Roses 2022: Opening Ceremony and Netball Producer Liaised with both the Lancaster and York teams to get information for graphics and the commentators. Sorted Tech with LA1 on the night and directed the mobile camera ops. Sorted out crewing when the event after the organisers didn't assign us enough crew passes. During the stream I took notes for highlights and ensured the crew all had water and were happy with their tasks.
22 Roses 2022: Women's Darts Producer Liaised with both Lancaster and York teams to get information for graphics. Got assigned unfamiliar tech so spent 6 hours with a techy for set-up with my crew. Had to organised extra kit because we hadn't been assigned enough or the correct stuff. Still managed to get the stream out on time and cover the whole event thanks to my crew pulling through. I then had to talk to the Lancaster sound technician who hadn't been informed of walk-on songs but I had a full list of from my previous communications. I then also stepped in to play for York as they has a late drop out. Lots of different things to make the stream go off seamlessly despite the frantic nature of its beginning.
23 Roses 2022: Ultimate Frisbee Camera Op Got to operate one of the wing cameras for the series of ultimate frisbee games. Focussed on close-ups on players and the frisbee and even managed to get some crowd footage of the signs supporters had brought to the match.
24 YSTV Reports: Free Speech Protest Camera Op Helped cover b-roll and interviews for this report when a controversial figure was invited to the university campus.
25 A Midsummer Night's Dream Producer Secured the contract, organised kit and crew and liaised with the directors for this performance of Shakespeare. The crew filmed two performances with one to be edited for the client's use.
26 Drunk History: Vikings Editor Edited together the talking head portion of this production to be finished next year as a collaboration with Comedy Soc.
27 YSTV Gives Unsolicited Advice: Episode 1 Exams Producer/Presenter Ran around campus asking everyone for the advice that you didn't ask for. Made sure the video was edited and put out in a timely fashion with the reward of 2 tickets for summer ball.
28 Summer Ball 2022: A Guide To Producer Kept my team of camera op and presenters on track as they talked and walked through everything Summer Ball 2022 had to offer. Liaised with editor to ensure a quality video.
29 Summer Ball 2022: Ride Reviews Producer Had to work quickly before the rides got busy to ensure my presenters got to try and rate all the rides available. Was a very successful and fun part of the day.
30 Summer Ball 2022: YSTV Gives Unsolicited Advice at Summer Ball Producer/Presenter Had some of the best crowd engagement to date as I ran around and got purely unsolicited advice from a lot of different characters milling around Summer Ball 2022.
31 YSTV Gets a Sofa Camera Op Followed two computing team members as they managed to procure and carry a sofa from Campus East to Campus West.
32 The Race Across Campus Producer/Participant Organised 15 YSTV members to try the different modes of transport to identify, once and for all, what the fastest way to get from Campus East to West is. Spoiler Alert - It's on your bike.
33 Mario Kart Tournament Participant Failed miserably on this as-live production.
34 YSTV Gives Unsolicited Advice: At the YUMAs Producer/Presenter Took my microphone to the York University Media Awards to ask student media people advice no one really wanted to know about joining student media. I also won Highly Commended for Best Contribution to Arts and Culture to my commercial work which was awesome.
35 Graduate Escape Rooms Participant Got involved and tried my very best to escape before the other team of graduates but this was a very tricky escape room.
36 End of Year Livestream Floor Manager/Participant Signed off my time at YSTV by giving my all one last time. I helped to set-up the shots and organised both crew and guests to keep this production running to time. A wonderful rundown of everything we, as a society, have accomplished this year. My team then won the big end of year quiz with niche knowledge about everyone in the society. I can't wait to see what you all do next.